domenica 25 ottobre 2015

Clil and me

I am a Clil teacher. What does it mean? I do not know. I would find out it and anderstand more. Teaching a subject in L2 is not so easy to do and I need more practice, I realize that but I will try and I will do all my best for a succesful work. My students? They are surprised. They little anderstand what Clil is and what kind of work would be for them. They look at me with their nice but surprised faces and say: 'how must we study? How much have we to study? What more should we study? The answer is that we can learn together and we can also have fun.
After this hopful word I have to comprehend how to do a good work with them; my scaffolding is a great one? Me, who I have always thaught History and Philosophy in Italian, will I be able to use another language to do an excellent job? They deserve an excellent job by me. I am sure about that. How can I do? My School helps me? Government helps me?
My collegues are English teachers or do not speak English. The English teachers only teach English. Few Of them like Clil. Why? They are afraid of me and my work. 'You are a theif', they are saying. They do not comprehend that I need their help and not their employment, I have mine. It is enough. A change is to solve these prejudices about Clil teaching and learning. We have still to do a lot!

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