domenica 15 ottobre 2017

CLIL technique: ww1quiz

Here I am after a long time of silence with a very useful History and Clil game.

You can manage an oral test  about ww1 in your class easily, using some quizes.
Devide your class in balanced groups (among the group you need some students who like History and speak English fluently) and then make them the following questions. Some of them are quite simple and other more difficult in order to help anybody to answer. Make  random  questions to a group. Each group can choose who will answer but any of the students has to answer at least to a question. They can use a jolly: the question they do not like will be questioned to another group who will answer and then this group can return the favor to the questioning group.
With the questions remained you teacher can create a debate: the question is the issue of the debate and two or more students can dialogue about it making and answering questions which become complex and rich of meaning if the students are prapraied and critical minds.

Here are the quetions:

1)      What does it mean Imperialism and Why is it linked to the war?
2)      Why and when does Germany become Nationalistic?
3)      Which are the economic causes of ww1?
4)      Why is industrial revolution (II) Linked to ww1?
5)      Why does Marx connect capitalism to imperialism?
6)      How can you describe the scramble for Africa and why is that a cause of ww1?
7)      Describe the Fashoda incident
8)      Give a definition of the term Nationalism and then tell me why is it linked to ww1
9)      Which are the words of the German Kaiser concerning Germany as a growing power?
10)   Give a definition of militarism and then tell me why is it linked to ww1
11)   Is Nationalism linked to Racism?
12)   Which are the main alliances in the war? Give me some news
13)   What is the treaty of S. Stafano? Why is it linked to ww1?
14)   Bismarck and the Congress of Berlin
15)   Who is Franz Ferdinand?
16)   Why is the black hand involved into the war?
17)   How can you describe the July crisis?
18)   The two wars in the Balkans
19)   What is the Blitz Krieg concept?
20)   Describe the battle of Verdun
21)   Describe the war in the trenches
22)   Describe the battles of the Marne
23)   What is the Schlieffen Plan?
24)   Why Is Italy firstly neutral?
25)   Why does Italy enter the war?
26)   Which are the conditions of the London pact?
27)   Why do we have to face the Caporetto tragedy?
28)   Why does US Government enter the war?
29)   Why is Wilson’s Message rhetorically considered?
30)   Describe the Lusitania affair
31)   Describe the Eastern front
32)   Why does Russia get off the war?
33)   Describe the Treaty of Versailles?
34)   Which is the position if Italy concerning the treaty and the conditions of peace?
35)   Describe Wilson’s 14 points?
36)   Describe the League of Nation and tell the reason why it is a failure
37)   Why do we speak of the Armenians?
38)   Which is the situation in Europe after ww1?
39)   Why do the western forces win this war?
40)   Which is the real aim of USA entering the war and being out of The league of Nations?